We are Hackerati.


A company of premier technology consultants that Code & Craft transformative Web, Mobile, Data and Infrastructure strategies, products and solutions that accelerate business. 

  • “In 2012 we had ambitious plans to modernize our technology team and tech stack but we couldn’t find great engineers fast enough. By engaging Hackerati we immediately had a team, the average of which is the kind of engineer that Google, Facebook and Spotify is competing hard to hire. They hit the ground running and performed. “I could not have succeeded without Hackerati’s tactical and strategic contributions.”

  • “Hackerati positioned BAMx to compete. Their technical execution and proficient delivery of code enabled us to get to market with a functional, scalable product fast - faster than our competition. It was the team’s strategic and operational guidance however, that gave us the technical foundation and confidence needed to turn an idea into a sustainable company. Hackerati’s commitment to our success was not that of a consultant but that of a genuine partner.”

  • “The confidence we have in Hackerati provides us with the critical time and space needed to focus on tactically growing our business. We give Hackerati our toughest technology challenges not just because they can always handle them but because that’s what they crave. Also, when you work with Hackerati, you aren’t just getting the team on the ground, you’re getting access to their whole team - their collective brainpower and talent. And even better, they are generous with their knowledge and share it with our team. They are leaders and educators when they need to be but Always intellectually humble team players.”

We are fast, sharp, inspired and effective.
Hackerati will take you from...

  • Idea to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and MVP to MAP (Minimum Awesome Product)

  • Desktop to Mobile and Mobile to Wearable

  • Data Anarchy to Data Governance and Machine Learning to Business Insight

  • Waterfall to Agile and Agile to Lean

  • Monolithic to Modular and Modular to Microservices